buchThe “Linzer Torte” is the world’s oldest known cake and was documented by name as early as 1696. Who gave the cake its name, or invented it will remain a secret for ever. The oldest recipe derives from a 300-year-old cookery book. Butter, almonds, sugar, flour and fine spices were used then for the dough and these are still the main ingredients today.

The “Original Linzer Torte” has been produced at the Jindrak company with great care and skill for over 80 years. With the “Original Linzer Torte” from the Jindrak confectionery, you and your friends can enjoy a taste of Austrian culinary delights.

f-t1The Jindrak confectionery is the home of the “Original Linzer Torte”. Every year, we bake some 100,000 cakes, which are dispatched all over the world as a popular company gift or souvenir.

Our photo cakes find a special echo. A picture can be scanned and then used as a decorative topping in a special process. It is subsequently added to your personal cake, which is then ready for a festive occasion! As a special service, you can also order these original cakes via the Internet. All that you need to do is select your cake, send in a picture file and then collect.