alteshausThe house of Jindrak has lengthy traditions. In 1929, my grandfather, Leo Jindrak I, opened the first confectionary at Herrenstrasse no.22 with two shop assistants and three journeymen. In 1971, my father, Leo Jindrak II, took over the company and had both cafés renovated. Two years later, we launched our “Pikant” gourmet restaurant. We then started up our first branch at the Linz Südbahnhof in 1979, which was followed in 1980 by the branch at the Grünmarkt in Urfahr and in 1989 by the third location in the “Plus City” shopping centre in Paching near Linz.

Our products, which are not just a delight on the palate, but also a feast for the eyes, attracted a growing number of connoisseurs to our premises and therefore in 1982 we enlarged the sales premises in the Herrenstrasse. Finally in August 1985, the production area was doubled through a new building.

In 1986, my father died and my mother and I, Leo Jindrak III, assumed the joint management of the company of which I took sole control in 1997. I passed my final trade examinations at the age of 21 and thus became one of the youngest master confectioners in Austria. Today, I employ a workforce of 145 including 12 apprentices.   

As in the days of my grandfather, we continue to bake according to traditional recipes and thus the use of butter and cream is a matter of course. Our products are not deep-frozen, but are produced freshly for our customers every day. The Leo Jindrak confectionery is the home of the “Original Linzer Torte” and we bake over 100,000 cakes yearly, which are then packed attractively and dispatched all over the world as a popular souvenir or company gift. With an “Original Linzer Torte” from Jindrak you can give your friends a true taste of Austrian culinary delights.    

The takeover of the Wrann confectionery in 2007 expanded both the number of our branches and product range to include items such as the wonderful truffles that are famous beyond Austria’s frontiers.

P.S. In January 1998 our company became the first Austrian confectioner’s to receive certification in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.