Mission statement


The keystone of our success is formed by entrepreneurial and customer-oriented thinking, as well as a working approach characterised by team spirit and fair human relations.  

We exercise personnel management that is founded on trust, leadership by example and mutually respectful conduct. We live up to our slogan, “Jindrak makes life sweet” by producing products for our customers using traditional recipes that delight the palate on an everyday basis.

All the products that we sell are freshly produced every day using skilled craftsmanship and in accordance with the stringent regulations of the Agramarkt Austria Marketing (AMA) agency. Moreover, we are only able to create our highly traditional cakes and pastries because the entire workforce from apprentices to sales staff, journeymen and masters and the executive management undertake continual basic and further training.

We advise and assist our clientele in a friendly and helpful manner. Wherever possible the ingredients that we process daily are of Austrian origin and therefore fresh, natural and of top quality. Our objectives, ideas and approach to life must correspond with the wishes of our customers. We act with commercial prudence and thus optimise our profits to secure the future of both the company and its employees.

The success of our company is linked directly to the confidence of our customers with regard to the quality of our products and services. Accordingly, every company employee contributes with his or her efforts to the implementation of our mission statement.

Your master confectioner Leo Jindrak and his team.